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Project name:

Fully automated, fast, easy and reliable production of nanoparticle suspensions

Status: Idea
Creation date: 23-12-2021

Project objectives:


A German start-up (in formation) has developed a fully automated laboratory machine for fast, easy and reliable production of high quality nanoparticle suspensions. The machine provides on demand access to nanoparticles. Prototypes exist which have been tested in the development of energy and biomedical materials so far. They look for industrial/academic partners from all fields that use nanoparticle suspension (life sciences, materials, energy, chemistry) for technical/research co-operation.


In the chemical field it is not easy to produce certain products in the same quality. Automation is still rare in in this sector.

A German start-up (in foundation) has developped a (laboratory) machine for the synthesis of nanoparticle suspensions for use in R&D. The machine is fully automated and provides high purity nanoparticle suspensions of various materials (metals, alloys, semiconductors, ceramics, organics, plastics) in a short time (20 min, 10 to 100 ml at 100 mg/l) and with little effort.

The start-up team consists of an economist, a scientist, and a technician. It has six years of experience in developping the technology. Two prototypes have already been tested in different German universities and research institutes.

Companies (small and medium-sized or larger) and research institutes from all fields that use nanoparticle suspension (biotech, chemistry, materials) are sought for technical or research co-operation agreement.

Technical co-operation agreement: Possible partners can test a prototype of the machine and evaluate the applicability and the produced nanoparticle suspensions for their R&D. The partner sought can help to continue the technological development of the laboratory machine.

Research co-operation agreement: The German company offers to a possible partner to pool R&D capacities. Partners can cooperate with the start-up in the scale up of the machine for pilot plant use. The cooperation partners should demonstrate the further processability of the nanoparticle suspensions produced by the machine into a market-ready product.

In general the start-up offers partners support in form of analytical tests, especially for material investigation.

Advantages & innovations

- The fully automated machine will be the first device on the market that enables fast and reliable production of high-quality nanoparticle suspensions without expertise. - The technology enables easy and independent development and production of nanoparticle suspensions. - Established nanoparticle suspensions such as gold or silver nanoparticles in water can be produced, as well as novel material systems. - The machine can size-reduce almost any solid (metals, alloys, semiconductors, ceramics, organics, plastics) to nanoparticles in a wide range of dispersants. - The suspensions are directly available in very high purity, as no further chemicals have to be used. - If required, various stabilizers can be added to manipulate the further processing of the suspensions.

Stage of development

Prototype available for demonstration

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