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Project name:

New fire resistant plaster based material offered under licensing or manufacturing agreement

Status: Idea
Creation date: 25-03-2022

Project objectives:

Summary Spanish university researchers have patented a gypsum-based material that improve properties for construction, especially as coating where high fire resistance is required. This material is made up of iron and steel industry waste so its resistance and durability are guaranteed, as well as a high degree of performance, implementation and resistance to fire. The types of association sought are license agreement and manufacturing agreement with any industry size, academia or R&D institutions


The medium-sized Spanish university founded in 1994, houses 76 research groups. The University has been very active in several Research & Innovation European Programs (H2020 and previous FPs, LIFE, Justice, ERASMUS+, Interreg, COST, LLP, IEE, Research Fund for Coal and Steel, D. G. for Competition Policy and Strategy, Science for Peace and Security Programme-OTAN…) with over 50 European projects; with the role of coordinator in 22 projects and over 8.4 M€ overall EU funding received. Currently, this University participates in 26 on-going projects (in 12 of them as coordinator) in 8 different EU programs with an average of 1.7 M€ of EU funding in the last 4 years.

The proposed patented solution allows obtaining of a densified material with improved properties compared to conventional mixtures (for example, optimizing some of the basic properties) and with a good behavior in the performance regime in relation resistance and reaction to fire.

It is an ecoprefabricated gypsum board with high fire resistance, the board being made up of a gypsum core including iron and steel residues from the steel industry, said residues essentially composed of CaO, SiO2, Al2O3 and MgO.

The potential applications are:
- Companies in the construction sector.
- Companies in the cultural heritage sector.
- Use in mass coatings as materials with high resistance and reaction to fire.
- Prefabricated for use in buildings partitions and industrial with protection against fire requirements.

The researcher group is interested in international cooperation under manufacturing and/or license agreement, with other research organization, academia and/or industry.

In addition, the research group offers tests of new applications and/or adaptation to specific needs and the possibility of further development.

Advantages & innovations The main innovations and advantages of this new fire resistant plaster based material are: • Improvement of the non-combustibility properties of conventional plasters. • Increase in applications of gypsum-based materials in special atmospheres. • Reuse of iron and steel industry materials waste.

Stage of development Prototype available for demonstration

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