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Exploitation and business model

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"Ensuring that your research projects reach and exceed the expected impacts"

How do you make sure that your project addresses end users’ requirements and has the expected impact? How do you reach a broad audience to disseminate your project results and pave the way for future exploitation?

Extended services
PNO supports users’ driven exploitation and dissemination of research and innovation projects’ results, performing activities either as a full partner or as a subcontractor of public funded projects. Our services include:

  • market and functional analysis performed through interviews with End Users, on line surveys, desk researches, and analysis of the gathered data;
  • validation of project results through the set up and management of End Users Group for testing and validation, and the provision of report with the consolidated end users’ feedback;
  • definition of business models and exploitation plan of the project results. The business specialists of PNO support the project consortium in the definition of business models and in the drafting of the exploitation plan, including the set up of an exploitation agreement among the partners;

To perform the project activities and achieve the expected impacts, PNO makes use of the following assets:

  • the PNO client base of more than 5000 organisations around Europe;
  • the Innovation Plac web platform (including more than 9000 member organisations);