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In an Open Innovation context, browse qualified innovation projects’ ideas where partners search are activated by leading European organisations, and join projects of your interest. Ask information to our consultants expert in Open Innovation on the fit between the project and your interests and competences.
  • Status: Idea
    Submission Deadline: Sep 12, 2018
    The general objective is the transition to low carbon energy system: modelling a new energy system for the Cimini Mountain Comunity (northen Latium )
  • Status: Idea
    Submission Deadline: Jun 12, 2018
    FAM is an environmentally aware world leader in the design of diapers making equipment. FAM aims to introduce on the market a new solution which al...
  • Status: Idea
    Submission Deadline: Oct 23, 2018
    The Green Casting of Magnesium Products
    The project intends to realize best practise in lightweight magnesium manufacturing sector by introducing a breakthrough demonstration technology for...
  • Status: Idea
    Submission Deadline: Sep 4, 2018
    Sustainable measures for energy efficiency in the re-use and recycle of solid waste from health facilities and collective structures.
    Health facilities (rest homes, hospitals and collective structures) are acquiring growing dimensions and great relevance particularly in small-medi...
  • Status: Idea
    Submission Deadline: To be defined
    POEM - Predictive Oncology via Engineering Modeling
    The idea applies to the complex scenario of cancer growth and fight for the implementation of a virtual patient software. “POEM” (...
  • Status: Idea
    Submission Deadline: To be defined
    Healthy vegetable snacks
    To ensure that people can consume healthy food in an affordable and sustainable way, offering food produced from plant proteins is a must have....
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