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LIFE: generous EU funding for large environmental and climate projects

It is possible to contribute to the European nature and environmental objectives in many different ways. By redeveloping a nature reserve, for instance, or creating a technologically innovative way to generate heat from waste. Our consultants come into contact with a variety of environmental and climate initiatives. And if it turns out the project is also of a decent size, then it will certainly set our LIFE bells ringing! We certainly would not want you to miss out on such an excellent funding opportunity.

Entering into a collaboration for LIFE funding is not mandatory but it is recommended

With the LIFE funding programme the European Union supports business and government projects related to climate change, resource efficiency, conservation and biodiversity. This is a very broad area, which is what makes LIFE so interesting! Especially since collaborations between SMEs and local or regional governments – where many potential LIFE projects are conceived – is particularly encouraged.

The EU mainly assesses LIFE grant applications based on the size of the European environmental problem that will be solved. Proposals must have an excellent score with regard to technical and financial cohesion. The European dimension of your project is also essential. Hence projects that are eligible for LIFE tend to be of a decent size. But once they have been approved, the grant can amount to up to 60%!

Collaboration with one or multiple parties is not obligatory. However, in our experience, the participation of one or more international partners significantly increases your application's chance of success.
We can help you with collaborations and applications

PNO has ample LIFE expertise. We can rely on a large international network of businesses and governments. Thus we can help you set up a LIFE project, find good partners and apply for a LIFE grant. Do you have a project that you think may be eligible for LIFE, or are you already involved in a LIFE project? Ask our LIFE+ specialist for advice