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Innovation concepts and plans

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"Identifying technology innovation concepts and projects for your products and processes"

Innovation is a key factor to be competitive in the market. But how do you radically innovate your product or process? With which technologies and partners? Our Systematic Innovation service supports you in defining technology innovation concepts for your products and/or processes. The service is based on the application of a proprietary methodology based on TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving) and QFD (Quality Function Deployment).

Four steps
The activities are performed in four steps by experienced Innovation Management consultants:

  1. Analysis of state of art, including scientific papers and patents (when applicable);
  2. Identification of high-market potential products/processes’ components to be innovated;
  3. Definition of concepts for innovation through the application of TRIZ and analysis of available knowledge outside of the organisation.
  4. Structuring the innovation project concepts and identification of public funding;

Concrete deliverables
At the end of the process the concrete deliverables are:

  • An analysis of the state of art, including patent analysis and scientific paper analysis, related to the product/process to be innovated.
  • A set of possible concepts for innovations of your product/processes. These are specific technology innovations related to components/subcomponents, with the definition of the competences necessary to be performed and the identification of already available technologies that could be adapted to your innovation.
  • A prior art analysis for the innovation concept to verify that the innovation will not infringe any already submitted patent
  • A report providing the information on public funding opportunities for any innovation concept identified, that is able to co-finance the realisation of the innovation