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Thursday, October 1, 2015

CLIPS… calling all organisations involved in the development of Cloud based services!

CLIPS – Cloud Innovation in Public Services – is a pilot project funded by the EC, with the aim of developing a new approach to delivering public services through the use of Cloud computing. The project, in which PNO are a partner, brings together key stakeholders from across the EU (including public authorities, citizens and commercial enterprises), to develop a dedicated framework for Cloud based public services, which seeks to overcome some of the major issues that have so far prevented the full adoption of the Cloud in the public sector.

CLIPS is now entering the first phase of its pilots, in 4 EU cities, trialling services around utilities, transportation, taxation and education.

CLIPS are particularly keen to engage with SMEs who are involved in the delivery of Cloud based services, with a focus on public authorities as a key customer base, to ensure that appropriate sustainability models are defined that lower the barriers to entry in the future and add value to organisations. If you are an SME interested in the commercial development of innovative Cloud services, please get in touch.

CLIPS can be contacted by emailing:

For further information about CLIPS, please visit the project website at this <a href="">Link</a> 

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