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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cooperation on Photonics Clusters

Innovation projects can be done in-house, but more often they are done in open innovation settings, with partners and technologies from outside your organisation.
Do you have the required knowledge, network and manpower to set up these projects? Which partners do you have to involve in innovation projects to reach success?

PNO is working in innovative businesses throughout Europe and can use its network and the Innovation Place© tool to help you find the right partners.
A good example of this type of innovation service PNO can offer, is the LightJumps project.

PNO designed the LightJumps project in response to the European policy for the development of entrepreneurialism in the photonics sector. By market size Photonics is Europe's biggest key enabling technology. PNO brought together six photonics clusters in four countries and, as coordinator, accompanied them through a two year programme of SME incubation activities.
We also set up the first ever European Photonics Venture Forum in 2015 which brought together 130 photonics entrepreneurs, trade investors, finance experts and policy makers in a high energy deal driven networking session designed to create partnering opportunities among industry players.

If you want to learn more about the project, here you can find the LightJumps Guidelines.

Do you want to know what the possibilities are for your sector?
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