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Thursday, June 29, 2017

New WssTP vision is the foundation for Water Innovation Europe 2017

WssTP and PNO developed vision and agenda together

During the Water Innovation Europe 2017 conference (14-15 June, Brussels), various panels discussed the future of water. The conference focused on innovations and investments in water infrastructure that are in line with the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP) vision and research agenda. PNO played a prominent role in the development of the vision and agenda.

What is WssTP?

The Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP) was launched in 2004 by the European Commission to promote research and technology development in the water industry. WssTP’s vision serves as a guideline for future research and development in the European water sector. The ultimate goal is to lead the European water sector in providing safe, clean and affordable water services that also save the environment. This goal is set to be achieved by 2030.

Vision development by WssTP and PNO

On the basis of a workshop with many water sector participants across Europe, WssTP and PNO developed a vision. It was a collaborative product of various working groups that received a title 'The Value of Water'.
Several major water companies besides WssTP took part in the working groups, for instance SUEZ, Veolia, DOW Chemical, NALCO and Abengoa Water. We also engaged with major research institutes, such as Deltares, KWR Water in the Netherlands and Luleå University of Technology in Sweden. The Flemish Knowledge Center for Water (VLAKWA) and UNESCO were also involved.

Development of Strategic Research Agenda

WSSTP’s vision was further developed into a Strategic Research Agenda (SIRA). This agenda covers economic, technological, infrastructural and governance innovations needed to materialize the vision in practice. To further develop this vision and to turn the research into innovation, we subsequently advised WssTP on a new structure for WssTP workgroups within the water sector. This new workgroup structure was presented prior to the conference. Finally, we developed a framework for the innovation program to help stimulate innovation in the water sector. The focus laid primarily on startups, private finance, open innovation, co-development and water marketing as an attractive investment sector.

Vision on a water as basis for Horizon 2020 grants

The European Commission uses the vision and SIRA to shape Horizon 2020 subsidies in the field of water. This makes PNO an important contribution to the further development of clean water, healthy environment, as well as economic development and creation of innovation-driven jobs.

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