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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New stakeholder analysis provides many benefits

Did you know that PNO can support you with other innovation services in addition to applying for a grant? Examples of these services are the stakeholder analysis and technological intelligence. With a proven and personal approach, we can help you to map and make visible European players and relevant innovations in your sector. And that can be of great benefit to you.
What is a stakeholder analysis?
A stakeholder analysis is a form of (technological) intelligence that PNO performs as part of EU projects or in the context of a commercial assignment for a customer. A stakeholder analysis aims at identifying key players (both industries and research institutions) in a specific market segment or value chain, their role in that value chain and their contribution to innovations, inventions or market development in a particular sector.
Stakeholder analysis provides helicopter view
The benefit of a stakeholder analysis for stakeholders is that it provides them with a helicopter view on the most active stakeholders (mostly industries) related to innovations in a specific market segment with the goal of:
  • finding potential partners for business collaborations and / or funding proposals;
  • identifying potentially interesting external innovations to integrate into their products or innovation plans (open innovation);
  • spotting innovation trends, (newly or just established) players and competitors;
  • developing exploitation strategies for innovations;
  • identifying new potential members (for associations).
Proven and personal approach
With our personal approach we are able to optimize your network or value chain. In addition, we use a proven methodology that combines different knowledge sources to form a specific response to your intelligence question.
We combine among others: research of EU-funded research projects and a network analysis to visualize the innovator network and their role in the value chain; research in patent databases to spot trends and investors in specific technology areas; research on (European) platforms, technology reports, documents and websites to show relevant market leaders and innovation drivers.
In this context, it is important that we define the value chain in consultation with you, focusing specifically on the areas of attention and intelligence indicated by you. Next, we will formulate the right conditions for you to search as targeted as possible. With this information, we will visualize the size of your network, the presence of dominant actors, the major companies and research institutions around which research and development occur - depending on your question - and the most important innovation domains and potential cooperation partners.
Stakeholder analysis interesting for many parties
Companies, universities, technology platforms and sector organizations are often interested in gaining insight into who-does-what in their sector. Therefore PNO regularly conducts stakeholder analyses in a broad range of sectors and technology areas such as the bio-based economy, chemistry, circular economy, internet or things, critical raw materials, photonics, smart materials, water and so on. Such stakeholder analyses and technological intelligence can lead to new insights and collaborations, and of course new funding opportunities.
Do you want to know more?
Curious about what a stakeholder analysis might provide for your organization? Then contact quickly one of our innovation consultants.
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