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Monday, April 13, 2015

PNO’s James Cogan to address roundtable on Bioeconomy in Brussels

PNO assistance to EC Expert Group for Bio-based Products
The invitation follows the assistance given by James Cogan and Filippo Giancarlo Martinelli from PNO Innovation NV to the European Commission Expert Group for Bio-based Products in carrying out a study aimed at identifying demand-side policy actions like standardisation and labelling, public procurement and awareness raising in order to foster the market uptake of bio-based products.

European literature study and expert interviews on Market Pull Measures in the Bioeconomy field
The activities of the Expert Group are of great interest for any stakeholder of the biobased economy, since they are expected to have a wide impact on the policy and market landscape of the European Industrial Biotech and Green Chemistry panorama. The insights in Public Procurement gathered all around Europe thought literature study and a large number of expert interviews have already allowed for the collection of important lessons on the DOs and DON'Ts for the establishment of a novel set of Market Pull Measures in the BioEconomy field.

Seats available
If you are interested in attending the Roundtable at the European Parliament on the 20th of April you should register before the 15th of April following <a href="">Link</a>
Also additional expert opinions on the above subjects are more than welcome and may be submitted to PNO Innovation at

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