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Friday, January 31, 2014

The BIO-MIMETIC project started in July 2012

<p><img src="/sites/default/files/content/Logo%20biomimetic.JPG" width="238" height="118" /></p> <p>The&nbsp; <strong>BIO-MIMETIC project</strong> started in July 2012-&nbsp; BIO-MIMETIC is a project co-funded by the FP7 of the European Commission, under the funding scheme Cooperation-ENVIRONMENT THEME [ENV.2011.3.1.9-1] [Eco-innovation!].</p> <p>BIO-MIMETIC will develop consumer products providing new solutions that&nbsp; will be competitive from the environmental and economic points of view:<br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; reduced CO2 footprint, by replacing fossil feedstock with biomass feedstock<br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; elimination of toxic/harmful solvents compared to synthetic alternatives;<br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; reduced energy intensity within safer and cleaner production processes at room temperature, reducing the dependence on fossil energy and reducing the release of greenhouse gases;<br />•&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; re-use waste from the ¬fisheries industry, by combining BIO-MIMETIC polymers.</p> <p>In order to reach the project objectives the project involves research partners with experience in enzymatic transformation and bio-based&nbsp; synthetic polymers (IFAM-Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and Tor Vergata University), an SME&nbsp; expert in production of enzymes (Dyadic Netherlands), in biomass transformation (Compagnie Industrielle de la Matière Végétale-CIMV), in computational modelling of bio-chemical processes (CULGI B.V.) and in Technology Transfer (CTECH/PNO). Procter & Gamble and MAVI SUD s.r.l. will test the innovative bio-derived polymers structures in their products, to assess the potential for new green, environmentally friendly and competitive products.<br />P&G BIC – Procter & Gamble Services Company and University of Manchester will carry out LCA and LCC assessments over the value chain, to validate environmental and cost benefits of the BIO-MIMETIC innovations.</p> <p>For further details please visit: <a href=""></a></p>
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