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Monday, June 26, 2023

CiaoTech - Gruppo PNO: Revolutionizing Maritime Transport Engineering with Innovation at Its Core

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CiaoTech - Gruppo PNO is making waves in the maritime transport industry with its expertise and unwavering passion for cutting-edge solutions. By challenging conventions and introducing groundbreaking approaches, CiaoTech - Gruppo PNO is redefining the possibilities and setting new standards for companies in the field.

CiaoTech - Gruppo PNO has just unveiled two articles generated in the frame of SEAMLESS Project and sHYpS Project, and published in the Summer 2023 edition of the European Energy Innovation Journal.

1. SEAMLESS, aims at developing and adapting missing technology building blocks and key enabling technologies into a fully automated, economically viable, cost-effective, and resilient waterborne freight feeder service for Short Sea Shipping (SSS) and Inland Waterways Transport (IWT).
2. sHYpS, which is supporting the decarbonisation of the shipping industry ny developing a novel LH2 swappable storage solution, which can be adapted to multiple types of vessels.

CiaoTech - Gruppo PNO role within these initiatives goes beyond research and development: CiaoTech - Gruppo PNO is expanding previous results, conducting comprehensive market studies, and assessing business replication potential with its own data-driven methodologies and cutting-edge IT tools, which ensure that every project's impact reaches new horizons.

Ready to be part of the maritime revolution? Dive into the captivating SEAMLESS and sHYpS articles, and connect with us to unleash limitless possibilities!
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