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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

CiaoTech - PNO Group at the center of innovation in maritime transport

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CiaoTech - PNO Group firmly positions itself at the center of innovation in the maritime transport industry. Thanks to advanced technological expertise and a constant search for cutting-edge solutions, CiaoTech is redefining the rules of the game for companies in the sector by developing management and monitoring systems for maritime transport that enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability of operations.

As evidence of our commitment to revolutionizing this industry, CiaoTech recently presented the Autoship and Seamless projects at the ITS Congress, the largest event entirely dedicated to smart mobility and the digitalization of transportation, held in Lisbon (Portugal) from May 22nd to 24th 2023.

These projects, funded by the European Union, represent state-of-the-art solutions for ship automation and the creation of intelligent communication networks. With their participation in significant events like the ITS Congress and their continuous search for cutting-edge solutions, CiaoTech is leading the future of maritime transport towards new horizons.

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