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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Indus3Es project at the International Sorption Heat Pump Conference in Tokyo, 7-10 August 2017

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Indu3Es project will join the International Sorption Heat Pump Conference which will be held August, 7-10 2017, in Tokyo (Japan).

Some results obtained int he framework of the Indus3Es project will be presented by Tu- Berlin during the session “Evaluation Of Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients For Absorption And Desorption Processes In Heat Transformers” planned on August, 9,  from 14:30-16:30.

The International Sorption Heat Pump Conference returns in Japan after a quarter of a century. The first time was in 1991. A Series of this conference therefore was initiated as Absorption Working Fluid Workshop at Stockholm, Sweden in 1980. It was the first international forum on absorption heat pump/refrigeration technologies, and continued as International Sorption Heat Pump Conference every two to three years by expanding its scope to comparable technologies, such as adsorption heat pump/refrigerators, chemical heat pumps, desiccant air conditioning, sorption energy storage etc.

Fore more details, please visit the project website.
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