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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Last Horizon 2020 period started: 30 billion euro available for the period 2018-2020

The European Commission announced the last programme period of Horizon 2020 and associated Work Programmes on Friday 27 October. With a budget of €30 billion for the next three years, almost 40% (!) of the total budget (€77 billion) will become available. There are thus enough opportunities for ambitious organisations engaged in research, technical development and innovation at the European level.

New Work Programme: European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot for groundbreaking innovations

In the new EIC-pilot Work Programme, the European Commission has put together four tools that support innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and researchers in marketing groundbreaking but highly risky innovations, with the potential to scale up internationally. For this purpose, €2.7 billion is available. The EIC-pilot consists of the following components:

  1. Fast Track to Innovation: After a year of absence and a positive evaluation, the Fast Track to Innovation subsidy programme returns. FTI finances bottom-up proposals for close to market innovation activities in any technology or application area. Consortia of three to five (mostly industrial) entities can apply. For this, a budget of €300 million will be available for the next three years.
  2. SME Instrument: New within the SME Instrument application assessment is that now 'Impact' receives the heaviest weight (50%). In practice, it means that projects that create or exploit existing markets with "disruptive technology" will have better chances of receiving grants. Individual SMEs can apply; a consortium is not required. The SME Instrument has a budget of €1.6 billion up to 2020.
  3. FET-Open: Focuses on scientific and technological research that is still in its early stages and is exploring new ideas for radically new future technologies. It is open to research in any area and technology. A consortium of at least three entities may apply. The total budget available is €725 million up to 2020.
  4. EIC Horizon Prizes: These prizes stimulate groundbreaking innovations that provide solutions for major societal challenges. There are six different subjects. Specific solutions are not prescribed. An individual entity can submit an application. There is €40 million available until 2020.

More budget for fewer topics

It is evident from the Work Programmes for 2018-2020 that the European Commission focuses on fewer topics but rather increases the budget. Thereby, the following political priorities are being addressed:
  • Low-carbon and climate resilient future: €3.3 billion
  • Digitising and transforming European industry and services: €1.7 billion
  • Circular Economy: €1 billion
  • Security Union: €1 billion
  • Migration: €200 million
Other key areas of attention include clean energy, for which €2.2 billion is available; open science with a budget of €2 billion and flagship initiatives aimed at international cooperation in research and innovation with a budget of nearly €1 billion.

Download ePaper Horizon 2020

By 2018, the Commission will make proposals for the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, which will begin in 2021. This could include proposals for a full European Innovation Council, including its mandate, organizational form, governance and budget. Are you interested to learn our ideas on how Horizon 2020’s successor could be more effective? Find out in our free ePaper.

Want to know more?

In the coming weeks, we will pay close attention to specific sectors, themes, and calls, such as circular economy, renewable energy, and FTI. Do you have specific questions on this topic? Contact one of our industry specialists right away.

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