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Friday, September 30, 2022

Learn How to define your communication & dissemination KPIs

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When writing a project proposal for funding, the consortium must prepare a work programme with different work packages. These deliverables include a stakeholder analysis, a communication and dissemination plan, and an exploitation plan. These three interrelated deliverables are essential for the dissemination and commercialisation strategy of a project.

A communication and dissemination plan aims to develop a strategy to promote the objectives and results of a project. This strategy involves identifying targets, defining an editorial line and message, and implementing various actions that increase the visibility of the project and the sharing of its results.

Do you want to boost your communication & disseminaton of your EU project? Download the PNO e-paper to start a relevant and successful communication & dissemination strategy at this link:

In this e-paper, you will learn:

  • How to elaborate a successful communication & dissemination plan
  • What is the difference between communication & dissemination
  • Why it is essential to measure your KPIs for your strategy
  • Some tips for using relevant KPIs for you communication & dissemination strategy
Contact us for futher information and to know how we can support your project in developping and effective D&C strategy.
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