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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

NEMOSINE project webinar, December 2 - online

news image Find out more about NEMOSINE project by attending the next webinar “The NEMOSINE innovative package for the preservation of visual and audio Cultural Heritage material", which will be organized online on 2nd of December at 10.00. 

The webinar is addressed to all the interested stakeholders active in the field of conservation of cultural heritage. It is possible to register at the following link

More info about the project
NEMOSINE improves the traditional storage solutions, such as freeze storage (below 5ºC), by developing an innovative package with the main goal of energy saving and extent conservation time. NEMOSINE will develop: High O2 barrier and Active packaging using non-odour additives, Active acid adsorbers based on functionalized Metal Organic Framework (MOFs) integrated in innovative structures, Gas detection sensors to monitoring AA, O2 & NO, Multi-scale modelling to correlate degradation & sensors signals, Packaging with modular design to fulfil the technical & economical requirements of the different CH made by cellulose derivates.

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