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Thursday, November 23, 2023


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Municipalities can apply for a 60,000 Euro grant for climate and energy action plans from 15 January 2024. This (already sixth) call of the European City Facility (EUCF) is open until 15 March 2024. The grant aims to investigate how an investment concept can be developed into a fully-fledged business and financing plan. 
Municipal climate and energy plans 
Municipalities and local authorities play a key role in Europe's energy transition. They often act as drivers of large sustainable energy investment programmes, in cleverly 'bundling' smaller projects, and in mobilising the necessary funding. One of the obstacles here, often difficult to overcome by many municipalities, are financial constraints and a lack of knowledge and capacity. 
European City Facility offers solutions 
In these areas, European City Facility offers a helping hand. Municipalities can apply for a 60,000 Euro grant from the EUCF to research and develop relevant investment concepts into a fully-fledged ‘business and financing plan’. The grant is a fixed amount (lump sum) that municipalities can use for e.g. carrying out a feasibility study, risk analysis, market research, stakeholder analysis, legal, economic or financial analyses and the coordination and organisation activities. The costs of the final energy investments themselves are not covered by the grant. 
Purpose of the European City Facility 
The EUCF aims to play a stimulating role in building a large potential for sustainable energy investment projects among municipalities and local authorities in Europe. By providing expertise, capacity and facilitating access to projects and funding sources, it is easier for small and medium-sized municipalities to participate in this important transition. The aim is thus to accelerate the development and eventual implementation of sustainable energy investment projects. 
Municipalities and local authorities in all 27 EU Member States, plus Iceland and Ukraine, can apply for the EUCF grant. Applications by associations of municipalities and local authorities are encouraged. The application process consists of two steps: 
  • an online test to determine eligibility; this includes asking about the presence of a Sustainable Energy and Climate Plan - SECAP (or similar) 
  • the actual application. 
Only the best-scoring applications are eligible for subsidy. PNO has a lot of expertise in this field. Among other things, we were involved in the development of the European 'Circular City Funding Guide'. If required, we can provide information on the assessment criteria, give tips for applicants (e.g. on optimising the points score and the chances of success of a proposal) and provide support with the actual application. 
Want to know more? 
As a municipality, are you developing energy and/or climate plans and looking for (additional) sources of funding? Or are you facing obstacles in developing concepts into concrete plans? Our experts will be happy to assist you. Send a message to  
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