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Friday, November 4, 2022

PNO to present its market analysis results and host a workshop on exploitation management at the MACBETH M36 Review Meeting

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CiaoTech and PNO DE are partners of the MACBETH project, which aims at developing breakthrough technology by combining a synthesis reaction with the corresponding separation into a unique catalytic membrane reactor for 4 industrial processes: hydrogen production, hydroformylation, propane dehydrogenation, and biocatalytical oil cleavage. CiaoTech will present the advancement of its work at the M36 project meeting, which will be held in Eindhoven on 21-24th of November. For the past year, Ciaotech has been conducting thorough market analyses for each of the 4 cases listed above, starting with desktop searches on main market trends, opportunities and threats, and completed with interviews of key opinion leaders in the field as well as merger and acquisitions analysis. The results of this work will serve as a strong base to define exploitation strategies and maximise project results. During the project meeting, CiaoTech will also host a workshop on exploitation and Intellectual Property Management, to encourage discussions and exchanges among partners on the future MACBETH products and services.

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