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Friday, August 25, 2023

REACTIV Project meeting at the Imperial College of London

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We are pleased to announce PNO’s recent participation in the REACTIV Project meeting, that took place at the Imperial College of London on September 4th and 5th, REACTIV Project, funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme, aims to provide a new sustainable and large scale re-use option for Bauxite Residue: to produce cements with a replacement of 30% of the clinker by modified Bauxite Residue. Therefore, the cement industry can potentially consume the total production of the modified bauxite residue in Europe. 

CiaoTech - PNO Group is responsible for Exploitation & IPR Management activities, including the responsibility to deliver an Exploitation Plan. During the meeting we led an Exploitation workshop aimed to set up the Methodology which will be the basis for the Exploitation Plan Draft process.

For more details about the REACTIV project, you can visit the project's official website or get in touch with consortium members:
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