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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

REE4EU: Rare Earth Alloys production thanks to the innovative High Temperature Electrolysis method

In the framework of the REE4EU project, funded by Horizon 2020, Less Common Metals  has carried out trials in the electrolysis cell to convert permanent magnets-derived Rare Earth Oxide (REO) supplied by VACUUMSCHMELZE to validate the REE4EU High Temperature Electrolysis (HTE) technology. SINTEF participated in the trials and carried out off –gas analysis to assist in process understanding and reducing gas emissions. The ingot produced was converted to strip cast alloy and supplied to VACUUMSCHMELZE to produce permanent magnet. 

In the video posted in the project homepage, the Rare Earth Alloys (REA) production in the HTE cell at Less Common Metals  is shown. For further details have  a look at the REE4EU website or contact us.

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