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Monday, July 6, 2020

Two SmartAgriHubs open calls to be launched

PNO Spain is participating as partner in the project SmartAgriHubs, with the ambition of ‘Unleashing the innovation potential for the digital transformation of the European Agrifood Sector’. SmartAgriHubs offers 5M€ in the form of cascade funding for the expansion of the existing SmartAgriHubs community network with additional stakeholders, and for promoting the realisation of new innovation experiments. Two different Open Calls are launched on July 8th 2020, so this is of special interest for organisations in the agriculture and agrifood sector, as well as in the digital transformation and digitalization areas. More information can be found on:

PNO is part of the Open Call Management team and we are mainly in charge of organising and monitoring the matchmaking activities towards the Open Call, so for further doubts you can also contact us directly:

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