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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Take the LIFE CRAL survey and make an impact on the green economy burning issues

The LIFE CRAL project (LIFE15ENV/IT/000303) "Industrial pilot plant for semisolid process route with eco-compatible feedstock materials" aims at drastically cutting emissions in aluminium production, eliminating any pollutants by substituting it with recycled aluminium and eco-magnesium, and completely avoiding highly polluting gases for the magnesium process. The main objective of the proposed innovation activities, developed by FRENI BREMBO SPA and CANNON ERGOS S.P.A., is to kick-start a breakthrough line, at pre-industrial scale, able to produce high-quality and light-weight components in a safe and clean manner.

The purpose of this survey is to collect feedbacks from the most important stakeholders within and around the LIFE CRAL value chain and assess their position towards the proposed innovation in order to assess the potential impacts on current and future demand, the relevant business scenarios and the possible adoption and acceptance barriers. Take part in the survey at this link.
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