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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The new LIFE programme is coming

The LIFE programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. Details of the next multiannual work programme and related calls for proposals are still under discussion, however the new Regulation was published in the Official journal of the EU on 17 May 2021 and applies from 1 January 2021. This means that the new LIFE programme is coming! The 2021 calls are supposed to be published in July!

The new LIFE programme will also expand into four new sub-programmes:

  1. Nature and biodiversity: this sub-programme is dedicated to LIFE projects to help protect Europe’s nature.
  2. Circular economy and quality of life: LIFE projects will develop technologies and solutions to enhance the circular economy. Projects include the recovery of resources from waste, and others on water, air, noise, soil and chemical management as well as environmental governance. Also, this sub-programme aims at protecting, restoring and improving the quality of the environment, either through direct interventions or via other policies.
  3. Climate change mitigation and adaptation: cutting greenhouse gas emissions, increasing climate change resilience and boosting awareness of climate change mitigation will remain a top priority. This sub-programme helps to make the shift towards a sustainable, energy-efficient, renewable energy-based, climate-neutral and resilient economy.
  4. Clean energy transition: this new addition will fund LIFE projects devoted to energy efficiency and small-scale renewables. It will ease the transition towards an energy-efficient, renewable energy-based, climate-neutral and resilient economy. And it aims to remove the market barriers that can hamper the socio-economic transition to sustainable energy.

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