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Innovation Place data security:

1. Innovation Place is web-application to allow collaborative file sharing functionalities on documents related to projects.

2. Innovation place is located on dedicated server(s) in a secure data-warehouse. Access to the server is only allowed to authorized personnel from PNO / Ciaotech Consultants.

3. The Innovation Place platform is a shared web-platform, providing document access services related to public funded R&D projects. It allows the uploading and downloading of multiple and large documents into folders and keeping a coherent document library related to funded projects and is always accessible from any web browser.

4. Innovation Place is secure. Each public communication on the web is managed under secure connection (HTTPS) with a public certificate. Innovation Place allows different access levels per folder (i.e. project) or document. For each project a single PNO/Ciaotech -account manager has been authorised as administrator having the exclusive rights to invite other persons and allocated access rights on folder or sub-folders.

5. After pre-registration an invitation to join Innovation Place is automatically generated and, an email is sent to the invitee, who can then change username and password. After registering in Innovation Place, the PNO / CIAOTECH account manager needs to authorize the partner to access the project library.

6. Only Innovation Place users that have been specifically authorized for a project will have the right to access the project library.

The list of associated partners/people to each project is always shown in web when accessing the project web page.