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Premium membership

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You can choose to become a premium member, to receive additional services and opportunities, namely:

  • Search on patents, papers and funded projects databases. With the premium membership, you can search and retrieve relevant information for your R&D activities, namely patents, scientific papers, and funded projects. Such information allows to perform technology intelligence and state of the art analysis, necessary for any R&D grants application.
  • Use of a dedicated and confidential Project Management platform: manage your projects, together with your partners, making usage of our collaborative environment, including a shared repository with full text search capabilities integrated with Dropbox, calendar, doodle, dissemination events table, and mailing lists.
  • Project partnering opportunities - you will receive complete support in joining R&D projects proposals under preparation on behalf of leading European organisations, where your organisation could be included as one of the partners.

Premium membership is Free for a period of 30 days. If you are interested in becoming a premium member, send us an email at and one of our consultants will shortly get in touch with you to provide a full description of our services and our added value.