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Project management and compliance

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Managing research projects financed through European funding or national funding programmes is a demanding task. IT platforms such as Innovation Place and our professional services could easy the process, see how.

European or national projects financed through European funds or national funds could be quite demanding in terms of management, in particular if they are collaborative projects involving several partners from different countries.
In particular, apart from Technical and Project management skills, they require specific funding programs compliance and coordination skills. Such skills are usually out of the skills internal to the project consortium, and the realisation of such activity could be supported by specific IT platform for knowledge sharing and professional organisations with deep knowledge of the funding programmes technicalities and activities.

We provide specific support on project management and compliance, by:

  • Providing an easy to use and affective knowledge sharing platform, with different access levels for partners, user group (if present) and European Commission officer. The platform also provides functionalities such as the management of project mailing list
  • Provide complete support by experts consultants including: help desk for the project consortium on any management and compliance issue, support in negotiation and consortium agreement, organisation of project meetings, cost statements, check of deliverable consistency, support in the preparation of the review meetings

Let your personnel focus on the research activities, and let us take over all the administrative and bureaucratic burden of your financed projects.