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3D bin-picking complete robotic or cobotic solutions in challenging industrial production environment for reliable and scalable automated handling serial parts

Status: Idea
Creation date: 22-07-2022

Project objectives:

Short summary
A French distributor of advanced European robotics and cobotics solutions for Industry 4.0. It offers complete turnkey 3D bin-picking solutions bringing together in a single interface the software that controls vision, repositioning and gripping systems. The SME provides the project feasibility study and tests. Factories from all activity sectors, already robotised and willing to improve their production lines, are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Full description
In several countries the industry faces low unemployment rates and many jobs remain unfilled. The industry automation is trying to meet this need. Luckily, the 3D bin-picking solution offered solves this complex puzzle. It enables robot arms to locate and pick individual parts from parts randomly piled in a container such as a bin or a pallet. The bin-picker solution increases the productivity of manufacturers and reduce manual repetitive work, which includes physically hard
and monotone tasks, detrimental to the workers' health. Every day, production workers spend time moving parts between bins and manufacturing machines. Automation of bin-picking improves the working environment and eliminates unattractive and harmful tasks.
The French SME offers leading-edge complete ready-to-use cobotic/robotic solutions of 3D bin-picking which combines in the same interface all the systems for visioning (2D/3D), repositioning and gripping. The offered integrated scalable and reliable solutions allow machines and human robot collaboration in areas with critical demands.
The solutions have been developed and constantly improved.
The proposed solutions consist of standard modules which can be scaled and combined in different ways to a flexible solution that efficiently recognise and pick up randomly placed parts in bins with high reliability for complete precise delivery of items into a machine, fixture or conveyor belt. The standard solution can deliver up to 15 parts per minute. In
order to achieve even more parts per minute or to place them in specific positions, it is possible to combine any number of robots. As a result, there are unlimited ways to solve even the most demanding needs.
The offered solutions have several backup procedures that allows the system to continue picking parts also when unexpected events happen. Even if the robot encounters a challenge in the bin, the smart software solves the problem and allows for continued stable picking with low circle times.
Setting up a bin-picking robot requires auxiliary components in order to complete the robotic cell. With the offered solutions, several robots and standard grippers can be combined into a powerful reliable solution, which is applicable for all types of objects and used across leading robot brands with 6-axis arm. This gives a flexible, standardised solution.
Recently new solutions have been launched: an easy-to-install easy-picker and mini-picker for the small medium enterprises and, also the package picker for distribution and logistics applications.

The French SME offers tailor-made state-of-the-art 3D bin-picking solutions for the automated handling serial parts to all-type robotised industries under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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