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Project name:

A Croatian SME focused on developing scalable air quality solutions that address air pollution threats would like to participate in the new Eurostars 3 project Call as a partner

Status: Idea
Creation date: 16-03-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary An SME specialized in mitigating air pollution offers know-how, experience and solutions to participate in a project and/or become part of a consortium. The team consults, informs, designs and executes air quality systems in both indoor and outdoor environments. Thanks to patented technology, they create/adjust custom systems or components regarding air pollution measurement, monitoring, detecting, filtering, purifying as well as health impact assessment

Full description For over ten years, the SME has developed and implemented innovative products from concept to market. Prototyping, testing, demoing, and commercialization are all part of the process. One of the first products includes patented purification technology that has won numerous global awards. The mission is to make healthier and safer living environments by providing clean air in both indoor and outdoor areas. Main activities imply R&D of innovative products and selling them to the target market through a customer-centric approach. Product categories are active purification systems, passive air filtration, data management, and modular components. Thanks to the modularity, the company is able to quickly customize and adjust products (like purifiers, filters, and monitors) to specific measurements, locations and data transfer. All products are tested, proven, safe, plug&play and certified.

Advantages and innovations
  • The CEO is a woman – a chemical engineer with over 25 years of experience in product development and project management. The team consists of 7 FTEs and students who work together to provide the best solution for clients. The team worked together and managed projects with a total value of 350k euros. All projects were successful and the budget was not exceeded.
  • The team is diverse and specialized, ranging from economists and marketers to chemists and engineers which enables them to develop scalable solutions that can be altered, upgraded and incorporated into other systems. One of the advantages is service which includes consulting, informing, designing and executing optimal air management systems.
  • The main advantage is the system modularity, which allows for quick and effective new product development as well as production equipment within the premises for cost-effective manufacturing optimization.

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