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Project name:

A French private clinics network with expertise in health project seeks research / technical cooperation agreements

Status: Idea
Creation date: 10-11-2021

Project objectives:


A French private clinics network offers a great medical environment for healthcare projects validation. Their clinics are ranked among the best hospitals in France. All medicine and surgery specialties are practiced there. Research and technical cooperation agreements are sought. Their Key Opinion Leaders and their clinical research department will support their partners at each step of their medical innovation development: from the R&D process to the clinical investigation.


The group is a French clinics network, including 41 health facilities located in South of France, in Paris and its area. Their goal is better patient care and improved health by using and collaborating on innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. This goal is met thanks to their continuous and large development which is attractive for Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) physicians. Indeed, they provide them with all the necessary resources to succeed in improving patient care through technical and medical innovations. So far, the group offers an advanced and multidisciplinary expertise and know-how.

The group is currently looking for technical and/or research cooperation agreements. Partners can be academic or industrial with any innovative health project. Depending on the stage of development, the agreement could be defined from R&D contribution to clinical trials management. The cooperation could be a bilateral agreement or could be part of an EU-funding project (Horizon Europe).

Their clinical research board and department centralizes and manages all research projects, working accordingly to different research development lines. Therefore their partners will benefit from all facilities coordination for routine care and clinical studies.
Firstly, their KOL offer the medical and technical expertise for R&D collaboration.
Then, these recognized physicians have a broad experience as clinical trial investigators, letting them provide a large range of clinical investigator sites as well.
Finally, they propose the clinical trials/studies management solution by being promoter.

Advantages & innovations

The close contact between the group direction and each healthcare facility, especially the KOL, help to make the work quick and efficient. The centralized direction is the single point of contact, and a dedicated contact person will collaborate with each partner for its project setting up and follow-up. Their expertise embraces all medical and surgical specialties, among them: - Medical imaging using leading-edge technologies: standard radiology, scanner, MRI (slices high-speed acquisition) - General medicine - Emergency medicine - Sport medicine - Oncology and radiotherapy centre - Maternity centre - Dietetic centre - Functional re-education and rehabilitation Centre - Dialysis centre - Resuscitation and intensive care unit - Surgery (including robotic surgery): cardiology, urology, ophthalmology, aesthetic, gynecology and senology, stomatology, vascular, gastroenterology, digestive and visceral, gastroplasty, orthopedics (spine, upper and lower limb), traumatology.

Stage of development

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