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Project name:

A French start-up is offering 3D data processing services under commercial agreement with technical assistance

Status: Idea
Creation date: 09-01-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary A France-based company is operating on the field related to 3D, like culture heritage, industry 4.0, Building Information Modeling (BIM). It provides 3D data processing services to create custom 3D processing software. The start-up is open to collaborate with any worldwide company throught commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Full description Between research, development and marketing, the start-up based in France is in connection with research, documentation and imagery data that is reusable, interoperable and vector-based. One of the 2 managers conducted his thesis on image processing. His former professor and him co-founded the start-up based on the skills they have acquired. They want to democratise 3D, create new activities and optimise the industrialisation process with their easily (re)usable models. They are co-building with their prospects this indispensable proximity that involves them and allows them to create information. The company is now operating in France and provides cutting-edge services of 3D data processing to deliver well-adapted solutions to companies. It can therefore offer a vast field of investigation and multiple applications coveted by the industry of the future. The IT engineering development services offers customised solutions : customised products for the industry 4.0, helping to model custom objects from high fashion industries to the medical world but also ranging from cultural or industrial heritage to Building Information Modeling. They are constantly conducting research to offer digitisation and simplification solutions to their clients by developing assistance and time-saving tools. For example, their project on image processing concerns the marketing of a tool to assist in the reconstruction of 3D models in the building and in providing information on the semantics of buildings, fluids or materials, based on the 3D scan. The start-up is interested in creating partnerships in order to develop its business. Main partnership could be commercial agreement with technical assistance but there is no restriction about the form of the cooperation. Typically, it can bring a consortium with each party to describe the scope of the IPR.

Advantages and innovations - The start-up has developed 3D point clouds processing framework to solve inverse problem on 3D point clouds (segmentation, filtering, restoring, inpainting, colorization). This innovation is a decive advantage in order to create new services on any domain field. - They have the knowledge and skills to develop the solution from scratch, thus software delivered are guarantee to be free from intellectual properties constraints. - The solution can be easily deploy at customer office (on-premise), or can be remotely called (Software as a Service – SaaS). They have an open-data approach to guarantee interoperability of data with the clients' environment by providing both an Application Programming Interface (API) and open formats. - They have strong link to scientific university laboratory and open to create long collaboration that can be partial fund with European aid like FEDER

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