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A German SME offers coating solutions which enable coatings with high purity materials and a unique dimensional accuracy applicable on complex surface geometries - looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance

Status: Idea
Creation date: 08-09-2022

Project objectives:

Short summary A German SME has developed coatings solution which overcome state of the art CVD/ PVD (chemical/ physical vapour deposition) processes regarding processing speed, purity of the coating material and dimensional accuracy of the coated product. The solutions enable the coating even of heat sensitive materials with complex geometries. The SME offers the development and production of customer specific coating machinery in the frame of commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Full description A German SME develops protective and functional coatings as well as technologies for applying these coatings to surfaces. These protect or improve the functionality of components and, together with the technology, make a positive contribution to durability, raw material savings and recyclability. The innovative and patented technologies, processes and products enable the SME to develop solutions for a wide range of coating requirements. These developments can open up technical solutions in other industrial sectors. Base of the company know how are three core application processes: - Inductive coupled plasma vapour deposition technology for the application of all elements also on temperature sensitive surfaces (SiO2 on natural fiber or gold on chocolate;-)) - Kinetic energy material vapour deposition: Technology for the application of all elements (for extreme requirements, tungsten carbide, tantalum,...). mostly wear, acid, heat protection,...) - Exclusive atmospheric vapour deposition technology for evaporation and application of SiO2 and ceramics Currently the SME is working on optical coatings, and protective coatings. Application area is also the use of the technology to decompose materials. In April, the SME successfully obtained funding to recycle asbestos. The innovative and patented technologies, processes and products enable the SME to develop solutions for a wide range of coating requirements. Through these developments, technical solutions can be opened up in further industrial sectors. The SME offers the development of customer specific processes and the development and delivery of the necessary machinery to overcome customers specific tasks as wear, grease/acid sensitive surface, light refraction, light transmission, ecological or food safety of coating products. Targeted type of cooperations are commercial agreements with technical assistance. The SME is already experienced in the cooperation with German automotive Tier 1 suppliers and Europen research funding projects.

Advantages and innovations The coating solutions offer the following advantages: - Inductively coupled plasma vapor deposition, faster than normal CVD (chemical vapor deposition) processes and possible on temperature-sensitive materials - Material vapor deposition with kinetic energy, extremely fast, tungsten carbide, tantalum, ... can be deposited in pure form. Internal coatings and undercuts are possible. No alloys with e.g. nickel necessary - Exclusive atmospheric vapor separation. Mobile application (at customer site), ambient temperature and pressure. Patents and other applications available.(In development)
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