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Project name:

A German SME with focus on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT offers cutting-edge state of AI solutions to the industry

Status: Idea
Creation date: 20-09-2021

Project objectives:

A young innovative German SME from the AI sector is offering tailor-made AI, Big Data and IoT solutions. The company is specialised in bringing cutting-edge state of AI from academia to industry. Software development partners are sought as well as integrators for license and/or R&D cooperation.

The German SME is a software development company with focus on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things.
It is specialized in bringing the cutting-edge state of AI from the academia to the industry by using artificial intelligence to optimize the operation of custom heavy machinery.

The SME has developed a Social Media Intelligence platform to ingest, organize, analyze and digest unstructured free-text data from social networks. It integrates multiple State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence algorithms. It is modular and extensible.

Commercially, the platform is positionined as a data provider of insights from Social Media, in order to allow developers to enhance their Business Intelligence products.
Examples of data provided by the platform:

- Exporting a summary of the general sentiment toward person X in Telegram.
- Getting messages of Reddit where person X is mentioned in a positive/negative light.
- Getting an index of "satisfaction" of traders towards company Y in Reddit.
- Getting the most important people mentioned in messages discussing event Z.

Examples of industries where the platform provides value:
- Security (detection of harrassment and violence in social media)
- Sociology (sentiment toward a topic, e.g. nuclear power)
- Business Intelligence (market analysis, brand awareness)
- Finance/Trading (analysis of alternative data)
- Behavioral Economics

The SME is looking for partners to integrate the platform into their workflows in order to improve their operations or these of their clients. Additionally, it its looking for R&D partners to apply to Horizon Europe funding opportunities.

Advantages & innovations

This platform is the only one that provides an interface for 3rd parties to context-aware, state-of-the-art insights from large scale analysis of social media data.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

The SME is looking for partners with one or more of the following expertises: - Developers/Integrators of relevant Artificial Intelligence models, particularly Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Developers of Business Intelligence Solutions willing to integrate the SME's insights in their platform - Analysts with focus on Open Source Intelligence (e.g. Law Enforcement) - Technology Transfer to apply it in additional industries - Providers of computing resources (Specially Graphics processing units, GPU). The type of partnership considered is either a license agreement with the purpose to integrate the mentioned platform in customers workflows in order to improve their activities or those of their clients Furthermore a research cooperation agreement is envisaged. This research cooperation should lead towards an application to funding opportunities to keep developing and marketing the platform.


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