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A German university institute is looking for licensing and research cooperation partners for their newly developed sensors and bridge circuits

Status: Idea
Creation date: 10-02-2022

Project objectives:

Summary A renowned German university institute is active in the field of measuring and control technologies. The institute developed a novel process for the predefined adjustment of individual sensors and bridge circuits. With this process, the sensors can be specifically adjusted to a predefined value even during a production process. The institute is looking for research cooperation partners and suitable industrial partners for the licensing of the patented invention.


A German university institute is active in the fields of measuring and control technologies and especially deals with the development of innovative sensors and bridge circuits.

Recently, the requirements and the demand for sensors in regards to homogeneity and manufacturing quality has risen significantly. Particularly, in the field of temperature or strain measurement sensors, compliance with defined resistance values is and will be of great interest. This especially applies to the interconnection of sensors in bridge circuits.

So far, sensors were set to the desired target value just after the actual manufacturing process, which usually caused a costly and time-consuming process. The novel technology developed by the German university institute makes it possible that individual sensors or bridge circuits can be set to the desired final value even during production. This is achieved by permanently monitoring of the desired target value in combination with a trimming device during the manufacturing process. The deposition of the sensors takes place e.g. by means of cathode sputtering or chemical gas phase deposition directly on the technical surface of components. The technology is patented in Germany.

This novel manufacturing process and technology might be applied in the industrial production of sensors and bridge circuits. For this reason, the German university is looking for industrial cooperation partners, who are keen to integrate the invention into existing or new production processed and collaborate in the framework of a licensing agreement. Furthermore, the institute is looking for research cooperation partners who are interested in further developing the technology and the innovative process within a suitable research programme or cooperation project.

Advantages & innovations The patented invention of the university institute is unique and can be considered as a major development in the field of sensor technology. It solves an existing challenge by providing a novel method for the early determination of desired sensor values even during production processes. The novel method allows for high-precision manufacturing of a complete bridge circuit with continuous quality control. The method is also transferable to other manufacturing processes and it provides novel possibilities of sensor production, e.g. of completely trimmed and directly deposited sensor technology on technical surfaces. The novel process also enables retrofitting of existing production systems.

Stage of development Prototype available for demonstration

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