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A growing German SME offers an easy-to-use technology for haemostasis in emergency situations

Status: Idea
Creation date: 19-10-2021

Project objectives:


A scale-up company from North Eastern Germany developed a bio-compatible emergency wound dressing that can stop bleeding fast and that allows for a less traumatic follow up treatment. The research oriented company searches for project partners for technology transfer, licensing or advanced development of products for wound care, based on special composites. The cooperation is possible under research cooperation or licensing agreements or by commercial agreement with technical assistance.


The scale-up company is located in North Eastern Germany and is very active in research and development. A team of 4 experts is working in the fields of medical applications as well as other life-science applications (food, uv-protection, natural cosmetics). They have been working more than 15 years in mineralogy and haemostasis.

The high-tech company has intensely developed an innovative emergency wound dressing that can stop bleeding fast and that allows for a less traumatic follow up treatment. The team of researchers looked for solutions to cope with this situation:
With heavy bleeding the risk of fluid loss for humans will get out. By an acute blood loss of more than 1000 ml (approx
20% of the blood volume) the risk of shock from lack of blood occurs. Therefore, haemostasis comes first of all helping measures.

The bio-compatible product unifies advantages coming from outstanding material characters and from medical knowledge. The fast-acting, mineral-based haemostatic agent can be used for many medical applications:
• First aid in general
• Sports medicine
• General Practices
• Clinics and emergency departments
• Military medicine

The wound dressing would also be of interest in the veterinary medicine, since the advantages of a very fast treatment for bleeding wounds can also be used here for the success of the treatment.

The team can bring in its innovative basics in material knowledge in joint research projects for the development of rapid first aid packages for patients, in special to develop haemostasis methods further.
A research cooperation agreement, license agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance are desired types of cooperation.

Advantages & innovations

The innovative dressings are made of a special composite fleece fitted with a kaolin material, halloysite nanotubes (HNT). This natural mineral compound immediately triggers the body’s natural clotting response to stop blood flow within 2-3 minutes. The haemostasis method is unique due to its use of special minerals and the fast response time.

Stage of development

Field tested/evaluated

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