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A Korean Company specialized in harvesting and harnessing Groundwater and geothermal energy for renewable energy is looking for partners

Status: Idea
Creation date: 05-01-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary The company's main feature is system installation services based on geothermal hybrid technology below the ground level from 250m to 600m. They provide services to improve the thermal efficiency level per geothermal space unit to the maximum so that you can cut down costs for heating. They also offer services to enhance the cooling efficiency level per geothermal space unit to the maximum so that you can cut down costs for cooling.

Full description Geothermal hybrid technology can adjust the installation depth from 250m to more than 600m. If the thermal efficiency per unit of geothermal space is maximized, it is possible to secure very high economic feasibility. Geothermal technology can be applied as new and renewable energy to all fields, such as buildings, factories, warehouses, smart farms, and apartment houses. - ‘Deep Coil 300’ Technology : Four geothermal pipes are installed to a depth of more than 300m, It is a geothermal energy system that combines geothermal ball positioning technology and underground circulation water leak detection IoT technology. The technology can improve economic feasibility by more than doubling the thermal efficiency compared to existing technologies. It also significantly contributes to carbon reduction. - Geosome Hybrid : It is a geothermal energy technology that enables heat exchange by circulating groundwater using a circulation pump installed in a water collection tank without installing a submersible pump installed in each geothermal well like the existing open type. This technology is a product that improves the convenience of maintenance by eliminating the inconvenience of post-management, such as overheating and replacement caused by foreign substances caught in the submersible pump. It is a geothermal technology that is more economical than other geothermal systems due to its high efficiency and can reduce electricity bills as no submersible pump is installed during operation.

Advantages and innovations In the closed type, the number of perforations can be reduced by half, It is possible to check the location and leak through the smart tag. In the open type, the water pump by the geothermal well, which was a problem in management, was eliminated. An innovative geothermal heating and cooling system combine an enclosed type's management convenience with an open type's high efficiency. 2022 ‘Deep Coil 300’ Designated as New Construction Technology (NET) No. 929 2021 Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Commendation Award Designated as 2020 New Technology for Agriculture and Forestry (NET) No. 61-086 2018 Environmental New Technology (NET) No. 549 2016 Environmental New Technology (NET) No. 495 2007 Presidential Commendation Award The number of installations is reduced by 50% by installing the closed type at high depth. Convenient operation of open type without a submersible pump

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