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Project name:

A Korean medium-sized daily supplement OEM and ODM company is looking for ingredient manufacturing partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance and research cooperation agreement

Status: Idea
Creation date: 22-08-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary A well-known Korean SME specialized in OEM and ODM of daily supplement manufacturing is looking for a raw material producing partner who wants to enter the Asian market. Potential partners should have GMP facilities and capability of producing high quality and food-grade raw materials. With this partner, Korean company is interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance or research cooperation agreement.

Full description A Korean medium-sized company, established in 2001, is a subsidiary of leading Korean healthcare company and proficient in manufacture and distribution of health food. It has own functional food brand and distribution channels in Korea such as department stores, grocery stores, and health-beauty retailers. In addition, the company provides OEM and ODM services to well-known Korean pharmaceutical and food companies with its GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice)-certified facilities. The company has already produced health foods made of Panax Ginseng, Honeybush, Sesame Leaf, Lactobacillus etc. To broaden its health food portfolio, the company is looking for materials for functional food ingredients from foreign manufacturers with following options. Those materials haven’t been registered yet and must be satisfied with the regulation of Korean government (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) as a health functional ingredient. (1) Materials that clinical trial has been conducted Assuming the sought partner can produce ‘wheat germ extract’ that was already carried out clinical test with its efficacy in anti-oxidant and anti-aging. After checking the possibility of acceptance as a health food ingredient in Korea, Korean SME will propose collaboration activities to register this material to Korea. After succeeding registration, Korean SME will exclusively manufacture a health food product with this material and distribute through its domestic sales channel under commercial agreement with technical assistance. (2) Materials that have not been clinically tested but can be potentially registered as food ingredients in Korea through joint R&D For example, it is widely consumed the Kaempferia Parviflora extract because of its efficacy in anti-obesity effect in Japan and other countries. However, this material hasn’t been registered in Korea as a food ingredient. In this case, Korean company wants to secure and commercialize that material through joint R&D by participating EUREKA or EUROSTARS program under research cooperation agreement.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought - Must be produced from GMP certified facility - Must be consumed as a food ingredient - Must be extracted by hydrothermal extraction (water), alcoholic extraction (ethanol), or supercritical extraction (CO2) - Must be available to license-out exclusively to Korean company

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