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Project name:

A single cloud monitoring software dedicated to professionals to maximise the performance of their multiple renewable energy sites

Status: Idea
Creation date: 22-07-2022

Project objectives:

Short summary
A French SME has fully developed a cloud-based software dedicated to monitoring renewable energy production facilities (photovoltaic sites or wind parks) or buildings. This scalable software provides the user with special features for viewing, analysing or reporting data and is compatible with any type of hardware. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought with operators, investors, asset managers, developers in the field of renewable energies or
building management.

Full description
Since 2010, a French company has been continuously developing and improving a software for managing energy in photovoltaic solar plants. In 2015, the French company joined forces with an energy production group and added new multi-site features for wind parcs and buildings.
Today, the French SME supervises or maintains more than 7200 industrial and residential sites in France and French Overseas Departments and Territories. They support investors, maintainers or major operators in energy sector.
With extensive features, the sofware gives the ability to all types of users (investors, operators, landowners) to access data of any type of their sites with custom views. The software has been and is continuously being developped with the objective of accompanying renewable energy professionals in their daily operations with a comprehensive solution that fits their needs no matter their role, function or type of site they operate. The software is providing them with the relevant information and features in order to maximise the performance of their site by being able to always make well informed decisions.
This energy management software enables the users to:
- VISUALISE: create customised dashboards in order to visualise data and receive alerts
- MAINTAIN: reduce the downtime of the power plants thanks to the integrated maintenance module and the mobile application for service technicians
- OPTIMISE: maximise the availability and performance of the energy production sites using advanced analytics
- CUSTOMISE: modify the dashboards and charts, with the possibility to create alarms and periodic reports
The French SME developed the software from end-to-end and keeps adapting it according to the clients’ needs. Though they rely on a leading host for the management of their servers, they remain the architects and daily operators of the secure technical infrastructure of the software in which they integrate the data of their clients’ power plants. Finally, their technical department offers a phone and email support to the customers concerning the software’s uses and the
interconnection between communication gateways.
The SME currently wishes to expand its activities abroad and looks for Operations and Maintenance companies (O&M), investors, asset managers, developers or engineering procurement construction companies (EPC) in the renewable energy sector, interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance in order to adapt the software to their
specific needs.

Advantages and innovations
The bigger strength of the software is its flexibility, both on the visualisation of the data for the user (customisable dashboards and views for different types of users) and on the compatibility with all types of hardware. It is a user-friendly solution that immediately benefits the users by offering a single platform not matter the operated sites. The team accompanies the users by providing trainings with dedicated focuses on specific modules if required. Being a multi-site
and multi-user solution, the software allows the creation of as many profiles as needed to fit the needs of all users or stakeholders of a site or several sites.
The software is continuously being improved with weekly releases integrating customers’ suggestions for improvement and additional features with no additional costs. In general, the software is very competitive in terms of price on the market.
The software has a strong footprint on the French market with 10% market share. It’s also being used on French overseas territories (25% market share) and it has proven to be perfectly functional on different territories and time zones.

Contact / source: TOFR20220711007.pdf - Google Drive