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Project name:

A start-up from northern Germany offers innovative and effective communication technology + tablets for hospitals and health institutions to facilitate interaction between doctors, nurses, patients and patients’ relatives

Status: Idea
Creation date: 16-03-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary A start-up from northern Germany tackles the need for more efficient communication between doctors, nurses, patients and their relatives. The developed communication tool saves up to 11 hours per week of working time for all actors involved, reduces stress on the one side and increases well-being and satisfaction on the other. Relatives are actively involved into the recovery process of patients and doctors and nurses have an innovative tool to inform relatives about the process within the hos

Full description A start-up located in northern Germany solves a well-known issue, described as follows: “No network in the hospital, hours of waiting for feedback after an important operation, untraceable direct dialling to the infirmary and in the end you reach someone who is not allowed to give any information.” Ineffective communication between patients, relatives, nurses and doctors has many consequences. Isolated patients are lonely. Relatives are worried and cannot get any information for days or talk to their loved ones. And for carers it is very difficult to change this. The developed communication platform seeks to solve these problems and brings some relief to all actors involved. The client will answer all technical and data protection related questions in advance and the company prepares an individualised solution for each hospital or related health organisation. It is assured that no additional workload is transferred to the customer’s technical department.

Advantages and innovations
  • For nurses and doctors: Saving up to 11 hours of working time per week. Information can be placed in the platform anytime. Relatives can read/listen/watch the information on-demand. This reduces stress and interruptions caused by misinformation and worried relatives significantly and sets up a point of contact between patients and relatives.
  • For relatives: Ability to read/listen/watch the information on-demand. Possibility to actively support the patient’s well-being process with photos, videos, voice messages and video calls. Being up-to-date, no waiting for information about patient’s current status anymore.
  • For patients: stay in touch with relatives, avoiding loneliness.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought Hospitals, or care related institutions, IT Services, Scientific Research Institutes
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