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Advanced LED lighting systems applied to lamps for fermenters and photobioreactors

Status: Idea
Creation date: 03-11-2021

Project objectives:


A high-tech start-up established in Northern Italy in 2016 has developed in collaboration with research centres and universities an innovative system of LED lamps that allows to increase the quality and quantity of production of phototrophic organisms such as moss, microalgae superalgae bacteria plant and animal cells. Companies and research organisations operating in the production of fermenters and photobioreactors, are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.


An Italian start-up company has developed a patented technology that guarantees the flexibility of LED luminaires to reproduce the ideal spectrum for better crop production taking into consideration the following two points.
One of the strategic aspects for the cultivation of phototropic organisms is the evaluation and management of the effects that light induces on them. Another aspect is the compensation of the amount of energy and the type of spectrum reproduced in the various age phases of the individual organisms.
The LED system comprises a software able to automatically adapt the spectrum to different types of cultivars without the need to replace lamps. The system is also able to optimise energy consumption and efficiency by using a quantum environmental sensor and to detect the radiant energy supplied to organisms to obtain the data that make up the ideal photobiological profile.
The system has the possibility to interact with the other technologies already present in the fermenters and photobioreactors in order to have a wider management and control of the supply of the specific "ingredients" (temperature, pH, dO 2, dCO 2, redox, antifoam, level, conductivity, weight, cell density ... ) .
Organisations operating in the production of fermenters and photobioreactors, research centres, universities, food industry are sought in order to establish a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Advantages & innovations

This advanced LED lighting system has been designed and developed to allow a high degree of customization for the final applications. Electronic components such as LEDs, controls and power supplies are of high quality to ensure maximum durability and high efficiency ratios. The Italian company has developed three types of lamps and they can be manufactured with a high degree of customization, being able to modify the construction parameters in the following aspects: - Optics: with dedicated lenses at different angles ( 30, 45, 60, 60, 85, 90,120, °) - Spectrum: with combinations of individual LEDs to obtain specific spectra - Mechanical: with the possibility of adaptations according to the place of installation - All products undergo a protective treatment on electronic components with special compliant coatings resistant to different climatic and chemical conditions and with high degrees of protection. All lamps can be supplied in the configuration: - Dynamic White 2 DMX channels : warm white, cold white. - System H TM : Warm White, Cold White, Blue, Red, Far Red, IR, etc.. The lights can also be controlled, on RS485 serial protocol, with proprietary commands that can be supplied.

Stage of development

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