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Project name:

All-in-one platform for simplifying and implementing Virtual Reality through creating, deploying and managing contents without limitations, allowing any organization to adopt VR in a simple, nimble and scalable way

Status: Idea
Creation date: 26-01-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary Basque (north of Spain) consolidated ICT company has developed, patented and commercialized a technology that can turn any project into a multi-user and remote-operating solution through large VR rooms and a series of tools that help creators generate their own projects and contents The Basque company wishes to engage with partners worldwide in commercial agreements with technical assistance

Full description The SME designs and develops tailored-made solutions / applications based on technologies in XR: virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Immersive technology and hybrid collaboration is thus pursued for the sake of sustainability, added-value and technological innovation in the industry. The company has been developing VR industrial solutions together with some of world’s largest and most innovative companies and governments in multiple sectors for 20 years. The technology behind the platform can reproduce complex live environments in full-scale virtual reality scenarios allowing multi-user 1:1 interaction with absolute accuracy and freedom of movement. The product is a complete solution including hardware components for setting up the VR rooms and a software made up of different modules. Remote rooms can be connected for sharing virtual experiences. The company has also designed a system that will allow generating mobile VR rooms. This complex technology (patented in the USA and EU) is a simple and operational solution for the introduction of immerse technologies into different industrial / academic processes effectively, namely: a) Training and simulation - for enhancing skills, confidence and performance. It improves workforce capabilities through high-fidelity lifelike VR simulators. b) Education and learning – for forging the full spectrum of virtual education. Learn and teach either on-line or on-site. c) Engineering and prototyping – for accelerating PLM (product lifecycle management) by clarifying complex data and ideas. Decentralized teams can work on the same page faster and solve problems in advance. Obstacles can be identified at an early stage and prototype and test solutions via virtual replicas. d) Marketing and sales – Sale cycles can be speeded up by delivering product experiences in-person or remote modes. e) Research and Innovation -research can be conducted by empowering staff with fully customizable VR labs. The SME is present in North America, Latin America and Europe, with offices in Bilbao, Madrid, Toronto and Mexico. Its cutting-edge solutions have been implemented in various Fortune 500 companies including GE Hitachi, Petronas, Iberdrola, Repsol, ArcelorMittal, Danone, Johnson&Johnson, Bayer and Merck. Likewise, the Basque company has provided technology solutions to other powerhouses such as Guardian Glass, Biogen, Alstom, Land Rover Jaguar, Faurecia and Suez and institutions such as ADIF, the Spanish Ministry of Defense, King’s College London and Kessler Foundation. The company works on a license-based revenue basis. This business model allows the Basque company to maintain close and long-standing relationships with their clients as it fosters a constant generation of contents. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought

Advantages and innovations
  • User-friendly platform: simplified and flexible entry process with low initial costs, no installation, minimal configuration, frequent and fast updates and upgrades
  • Companies can scale fast and securely according to their needs as it grows with their demands
  • Any organization can streamline VR content in a simple way with built-in tools, there is no need for a professional for that task
  • Multi-device: deploy in multiple devices from desktop PC or laptop to the last VR headsets
  • Multi-user and remote collaboration ready. Capabilities incorporated, no need to develop concurrency management and cloud functionalities
  • Large-scale VR rooms deployment, high-fidelity VR in large physical spaces with absolute precision and freedom of movement
  • Operational; work dynamics can be redefined and dependency on physical assets or in-person engagement diminished
  • No maintenance and management of hardware, applications or data needed, just a high-speed internet connection is required
  • 100% compatible with the clients’ processes, systems and frameworks. It does not call for complex modifications
  • Any kind of organization can speed up its digital transformation and get the 4.0 industry closer by means of this platform
  • ISO 9001:2015

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