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Project name:

Cloud-based building energy management systems offered by Greek SME to distributors

Status: Idea
Creation date: 03-02-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary A Greek start-up has developed a unique energy management systems tool for buildings that provides comprehensive control of heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems for higher energy savings. This technology is offered to commercial partners for distribution agreements with technical assistance. The client is also interested in offering service agreements.

Full description This start-up company from Greece was established in 2018 with the mission to deliver intelligent, innovative and sustainable solutions for smart cities and communities. It develops innovative technologies and products in the fields of energy, transport, environment and rural applications, as well as providing services and engaging in relevant research. The founding members consist of mechanical, electrical, aerospace and computer engineers with extensive experience in national and international research and system development projects, focusing on social innovation, sustainable mobility and economy, environmental impact assessment, energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as ICT solutions. The company has created a self-learning and self-adjusting software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool for energy management system in buildings. It provides remote control of multi-zonal heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems via wi-fi connected sensors and by using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in order:- - To automate the detection of a building’s energy consumption behaviour - To provide thermal modelling of the building - To predict and optimize energy demand - To provide model predictive control techniques to boost the energy savings by optimally controlling all the building interior climate systems. - To provide a real-time carbon dioxide emissions calculator. Thus, this new tool is a game-changing innovation which actively learns the most comfortable ambient interior and correlates it with environmental indicators in order to choose the temperature that leads to the optimum level of comfort. It takes into account the space's thermal profile, weather forecast and indoor and outdoor environmental values, and gives appropriate commands to achieve the optimum temperature (within a reasonable time) while generating the lowest power consumption. In addition, the EU-approved real-time carbon dioxide emissions calculator has the added value of enabling buildings and their owners to be recognised for their environmental social governance (ESG) approach towards the reduction of harmful emissions. This technology can support multi-zonal control of heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems with significant energy savings both in the public (such as municipal buildings) and the private sector (such as industries, commercial buildings, offices, hotels, etc). The client is interested in setting up co-operation with commercial partners for distribution agreements including technical assistance. The company is also interested in offering service agreements.

Advantages and innovations
  • This Greek technology supports multi-zonal control of heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems generating low energy consumption (with savings of an average of 40%). It can be installed in a variety of public and private buildings using the most up-to-date, efficient and advanced cloud technology. In addition, it can provide real-time carbon dioxide emissions calculations.
  • With this system, it is no longer necessary to instal various costly devices to create a local operating network since a wireless network can be set up via the internet, thus reducing installation expenses by 20%. The tool uses a global Internet of Things platform that secures the operation and homogeneous adaption of different devices (i.e. temperature sensors, etc) and protocols, in one unified platform. It has the capacity to implement its own embedded algorithms and software and provide high energy savings for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting. At the same time, it includes a remote real-time checking device to monitor the operation of multiple buildings all over the world.
  • This energy management tool runs on a globally-approved and certified cloud-based Building Automation and Control Networks (BAC-Net) protocol platform making it unique for installation in any country and any type of building.
  • This patented technology has not yet been commercially applied, so it would be a global first for any potential partner. Its unique use of artificial intelligence gives it a major advantage globally, while at the same time providing a certified European carbon dioxide emissions calculator function in real-time for buildings in order to be able to comply with the new 2025 requirements for buildings in the European Union

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