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Cultural Heritage - Built4People - Italian company offers high-tech consulting services aimed at environmental sustainability for research projects

Status: Idea
Creation date: 08-09-2022

Project objectives:

Short summary Italian company offers high-tech consulting services oriented towards environmental sustainability. It is composed by a team with transversal skills ranging from engineering skills to business development, from legislative and policy making skills, internal to the company, to the network of skills of the technological districts/clusters network. It helps institutions and companies to innovate to overcome the challenge of ecological transition. It is looking for research projects to join.

Full description Italian company, located in Tuscany, offers high-tech consulting services aimed at environmental sustainability, with transversal skills in project management, engineering, sector regulations, funding scouting. It also develops ideas and projects in response to Recovery Fund initiatives. The company's objective is the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value in the sectors of ecological transition, green and blue economy, digital innovations, iot applications and industry 4.0, of technical and economic environmental sustainability in the private and public sector. Specifically, the company will take care of: 1. technological transfer and innovations for ecological transfer. 2. technological scouting through innovative systems and business matching between innovative startups and production chains. 3. consulting to industrial districts, consortiums, public bodies, for the implementation and development of processes, procedures and systems in a circular economy, enhancement of the waste cycle and life cycle assessment. 4. consultancy and technical support in the area of production chains to identify and adopt for the implementation of innovative production solutions in the green and blue economy area. 5. development of solutions aimed at the aggregation of the demand and offer of innovation for companies in the processes of technological and digital transformation through the identification of business 4.0 technologies, ecotechnologies and neo-materials. 6. development and support in high technological, innovative and environmental sustainability projects through networking and system integrator services. 7. creation and development of innovation programs, innovation management paths, training, workshops, conferences, meetings, hackathon events, also with the ecosystem of innovators and startuppers, and certified technological districts/clusters. 8. realization of innovative projects and startups oriented to digitalization and ecological transition. 9. activities of research, development, marketing, production and industrialization of innovative and sustainable materials, of new processes and technological destinations of processing also through the development and research of new biotechnological and finish manufacturing applications from the recovery of waste materials and bioplastics intended for all sectors of the economy. 10. concept, coordination, advice and support for participation in European, national and regional calls, for services with a high technical and professional content such as studies, research, analysis, consulting, training, assistance in the design, operational direction, project. 11. establish agency relations and marketing of advanced technology hardware and software equipment and systems. design, provide, coordinate, identify, organizational, industrial, plant, machinery, hardware and software information systems, supply chain management, production of energy from renewable sources, solutions for the green economy, the blue economy, digitalization and for the innovation of companies and the public administration. Call of interest: Sustainable and resource-efficient solutions for an open, accessible, inclusive, resilient and low-emission cultural heritage: prevention, monitoring, management, maintenance, and renovation (Built4People) - HORIZON-CL5-2022-D4-02-03 Call deadline: January 24, 2023 EoI deadline: January 14, 2023. Advantages and innovations The company can offer transversal skills in project management, engineering, sector regulations, funding scouting. The team can easly adapt to any research situation.
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