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Danish biotechnology SME offers technical cooperation for novel prediction software for antibody discovery

Status: Idea
Creation date: 30-11-2022

Project objectives:

Short summary A Danish biotechnology SME is developing a novel software for recombinant antibody-developers,giving them an easy-to-use tool to predict which antibodies are most likely to succeed during production. In the collaboration proposed, the partner will have free access to the solution during the closed beta in return for feedback on the use and performance. The company offers technical cooperation and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Full description The Danish SME was founded in 2018 based on a Ph.D. degree in biomedical engineering by the CEO, who had discovered a need for thorough and affordable data analysis in the medical sector. The company is a data-driven biotechnology company focused on transforming biological data into valuable knowledge for academia and the industry. The company is also part of several collaborations, including a Horizon 2020 project, contributing tailormade AI solutions for biological data. Today, the company has a fee-for-service on the market, specialising in omics technologies. The omics are advancing vastly and dominating discovery-based studies for biomarkers. These methods can deliver above 10.000 readings per sample, thus generating a large amount of data, which can be overwhelming for the researcher, if not a data specialist. The company consists of a team with highly qualified individuals within proteomics, artificial intelligence, and computer science, which perfectly bridges the gap between mass spectrometry, expression data analysis, and biological interpretation, offering a complete solution from sample to biology. Currently, the company is developing new technology as a supplement to the existing workflow in recombinant antibody production. The solution enables the antibody candidate selection to be guided by artificial intelligence, allowing the industry and academia to increase quality significantly. While the antibody market is growing between 7 - 15% per year, the need for new technologies to improve quality is also steadily increasing. The company's solution is being developed and tested in close collaboration with some of the industry's pioneers in recombinant antibody development. The solution works in different modules. The first module translates the antibody candidates' amino acids sequence, e.g., from phage display panning, into production prediction levels with excellent accuracy. 

Advantages and innovations The company offers an advanced technological solution, which addresses the needs of the market in terms of data analysis, speed and reliability, as well as being competitively priced. The team has highly qualified members with skills and experience in the key areas of proteomics, artificial intelligence and computer sciences, making them about to support most clients' analysis needs. Both the cooperation types suggested require no financial contribution from the partner company, nor joint grant applications etc. They enable professional sparring and knowledge sharing while testing and improving the future's antibody prediction software for antibody discovery
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