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Project name:

Energy dynamic modelling simulation of new and existing buildings

Status: Idea
Creation date: 13-10-2021

Project objectives:


A Spanish technological center offers its energy dynamic modelling simulation services to model new and existing buildings to companies, architectural studios and public administrations interested in improving the energy efficiency of their buildings. The type of collaboration sought are research and technical cooperation agreements in the field of energy efficiency.


A Spanish technology center, funded in 1994, offers transversal, integrated and innovative solutions to companies to improve their processes, developments, systems and products. It operates in five economic sectors: i) industry, ii) energy and environment, iii) construction and infrastructure, iv) agro-food, and v) health and quality of life.

Energy efficiency aims to reduce the amount of energy required to deliver services and products. Improvements in energy efficiency are generally achieved by different approaches: adopting a more efficient technology, optimizing production process, or reducing energy losses. This last approach include the building efficiency at the time of designing, constructing and upgrading buildings.

The Spanish technology center has an extended experience in evaluate and optimize processes and formulations in buildings energy efficiency. The center has developed new techniques that improve the calibration and validation of the energy efficiency dynamic models, applicable to new and existing buildings. This advance improves the models that provide more reliable and robust results allowing to implement measures that increase, more effectively, the efficiency of the buildings and its systems.

The technology center offers its techniques and know-how to companies, architectural studios and public administrations interested in:
- Investing in innovative solutions to improve the energy efficiency of its buildings.
- Obtaining accurate and detailed information about energy demand and energy consumption, and dimensioning the systems of the buildings.

Partners sought:
- For Technical Cooperation agreement are companies, especially construction firms, architectural studios or public administrations interested on energy efficiency of buildings.
- For research cooperation agreement are entities (companies, universities or research and technology centres) interested in shaping a project about developing new products or technologies for future calls in Horizon2020 in the field of energy efficiency.

Advantages & innovations

The technology offered integrated new tools that improve the calibration and the validation of the model, increasing by this the fidelity to the outputs and the reliability of model predictions. These models will good predictions about the energy performance of a building, essential in the decision making process for the application of operational measures for energy conservation and energy efficiency. This technology can be applied to both, existing buildings and in buildings under construction. The technological center will deliver rigorous reports including measures and recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of a building.

Stage of development

Available for demonstration

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