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EXPERIMENT ON THE MOON: Lunar Payload Mission

Status: Idea
Creation date: 29-07-2022

Project objectives:

Challenge Overview


We are Orbital Space and we are on a mission to make space accessible to everyone! We believe all people should have equal opportunity to reach for, explore and study space.

One way to understand Orbital Space is to look at our track record. In the past we launched EIS - a science experiment by high school students to the International Space Station and an educational CubeSat giving students around the world the unique opportunity to test their code on a live satellite in space!

"Join Our Next Space Mission – This time we go to the Moon!"  Experiment on the Moon

We want to challenge the next generation of innovators to use their imaginations to propose science and exploration concepts for the Moon. 

Are you an aspiring scientist, engineer, inventor or innovator? Are you interested in learning about different environments and technologies? Do you like space missions? If so, this competition is for you! 

The purpose of this competition is to encourage and empower individuals or teams to develop, design and conduct scientific experiments or technology tests to be carried to the surface of the moon onboard of a commercial Moon lander. 

The uniqueness of the Moon’s environment can enable the development of something new which is not possible to be developed on Earth. This competition allows you to learn how real scientists and engineers conduct their experiments and technology tests. Through this competition, you can also explore a topic that interests you, learn about the environment on the Moon and create your own experiment to be conducted on the surface of the Moon!

Challenge Guidelines Payload Constraints 

The experiment or test hardware must fit within a small payload container with maximum external dimensions of 100 x 100 x 100 mm and a total mass of 200 g. The payload will be integrated into a Lunar Lander which will land on the surface of the Moon. The payload could be facing up (sky view), side (horizon view), bottom (surface view). Limited power [in the order of 200 mW] and limited data bandwidth link [2 kbps] will be provided by the Lunar Lander. Thermal management is not provided so the payload should have the ability to manage lunar surface temperatures. 

In a specific time window during the Lunar Lander mission, a command will be sent to activate the payload to run the experiment or test and collect data. Then the data will be sent back to earth at sometime before the conclusion of the Lunar lander mission. Total mission duration is 1 Lunar day (about 14 Earth days)    

To avoid biological contamination on the Moon, biological payloads are not allowed 


Time Constraints

Given we are targeting to launch in Q4 2024, there is a limited time to develop and test the payload. Therefore, the payload hardware must be ready-for-launch (hardware already proven to work under relevant conditions)


Who is Eligible

The competition is open to anyone from any country age 18 or older participating as an individual or as a team. Younger individuals can be a part of the team as long as at least two members are 18 or older.  Individual competitors and teams may originate from any country. No specific qualifications or expertise in the field is required. We encourage non-expert individuals and teams to compete and propose new ideas. 

To be eligible to compete, you must comply with all the terms of the challenge as defined in the Challenge-Specific Agreement.



This challenge doesn't have a cash prize. The prize for the lucky winner/winning team is a fully paid payload delivery service to the surface of the Moon

This Moon mission will be identified as Orbital Space mission, carry the UAE flag, and the winner/winning team name(s) will be included as member(s) of the mission's Science Team. The winner/winning team will be acknowledged in public media for their idea and contribution to this Moon mission. 

Contact / source: EXPERIMENT ON THE MOON: Lunar Payload Mission | HeroX


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