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Project name:

French company with expertise in the field of cereals and plants, equipped with an analysis laboratory and a test bakery offers its skills for the development of new plant foods

Status: Idea
Creation date: 14-03-2023

Project objectives:

Short summary French company specialized in cereals and vegetal food products development is looking for partners to create new foods or to participate in some research projects as executive partner. Expertises are food development, food formulation, regulations and bibliographic research.

Full description The company’s specific knowledge: - Cereals (wheat): they are affiliated to a cereal cooperative group, so they are linked to a huge ecosystem in the field of cereals. They have been created for a research project which purpose was to create nutritional products from cereals to prevent denutrition - Legumes (peas for example): the company took part to a collaborative project which aim was to promote the legumes consumption in human food. They developed cakes for a clinical study and created a legumes and cereals cake to make the consumption of legumes easier. - Gluten: they collaborate with their lab technicians and bakers, and they take part to collaborative projects in this field. They developed bread for a clinical study with specific wheat varieties and bread process. The company is interested to cooperate with companies as executive partner in research projects or as sub-contractor for the product development. They can develop different foods such as sausages, cakes, breads for example. They work with various companies, research institutes and competitiveness clusters. By taking part to collaborative projects related to cereals, legumes or gluten, for example, the company collaborates with public and private partners to enhance their knowledge of these different items. This enables them to be an expert in these fields. That’s why they can provide you with support regarding the process of your new products developments, with tailor-made service created especially according to your purpose. The targets are food industrial (from start-up to big company) or research institutes. The company can adapt the prestation to match specific needs.

Advantages and innovations
  • The company has specific fields of expertise in the field of cereals and vegetal food, and nutrition for health and well-being (diet, proteins…). They develop various food with nutritional and dietetic purposes (nutritional allegation, nutriscore..).
  • Their expertise targets different types of people, such as old people for example, as the company has a dietician in its team.
  • They also have an expertise in health field with the writing of technical files for the market launch of a dietetic food.
  • They can work on extension of the lifespan, reformulation and extension of a pre-existing product line, a transfer in biological range or a reformulation in the way of clean label
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