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Project name:

French logistic cluster is looking for European project partners in logistics & transport.

Status: Idea
Creation date: 30-09-2021

Project objectives:


A French regional logistics cluster based in North of France is looking to join an EU research and development project consortium in the field of transport, logistic or supply chain. As a public-private cluster, they are supporting companies in their activities and get a deep knowledge of their expectations in innovation. They also offer training activities with an integrated campus. They are looking for a research and development agreement.


A French regional logistics cluster based in North of France is looking to join an EU research and development project consortium that is submitting a proposal in the field of transport, logistic or supply chain.

Partner description :
The French logistic cluster is owned by the Chamber of Commerce and created since 2003. It is located beside the A1 highway and the canal Seine Nord Europe, on a railway hub on a European level.
It gathered:
- A European tri-multimodal facility (DELTA 3)
- A logistic park with a 600.000 square meters warehouses
- An innovation showroom (500 m²) to valorise 15 technologies useful in logistic
- A multimedia conference room on an industrial emplacement
- An economical campus with training and research activities

Missions :
The main mission of this cluster is advising companies in their logistics, transport and supply-chain activities : enhancing logistics and associated flows, identify new strands, implement green technology to achieve their environmental goals, facilitate the launch of transport innovation. This cluster leads a network of 500 partners throughout a virtual platform.

Another important role is to promote the strength of the region in terms of logistics throughout European actions. Indeed, they are deeply involved in logistics European networks in order to hightlight the region out of borders. They also build a strong relationship with other European logistics clusters.
In this frame, for supporting our activities towards regional SMEs, they applied to different EU programs, such as Interreg or the former H2020 program.
Thanks to the H2020 project, they developed an expertise in logistic horizontal collaboration which is requisite in the Physical Internet approach. Though, they assume the role of neutral body to help companies in their logistics optimization.
The cluster envision to apply to next European programs (Horizon Europe, ESIF, Interreg…). In order to achieve this ambition they are looking for relevant partners (SMEs, start-up, key accounts) with R&D&I activities, with an interest in green logistics or in the future of logistics (decarbonation, Physical Internet, Synchromodality, new technologies implementation, innovative training programs, employees well-being..).
The cluster had already identified 2 interesting topics in the Horizon Europe program
- HORIZON-CL5-2021-D6-01-07 : More efficient and effective multimodal freight transport nodes to increase flexibility, service visibility and reduce the average cost of freight transport
- HORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-02-01 : Logistic networks integration and harmonization through operational connectivity to optimize freight flows and drive logistics to climate neutrality
Covering the whole value chain of logistics and retail till the dissemination and training could be an asset in a European project as partner.

Advantages & innovations

The logistics cluster is the only one in France which blends supporting companies' services, supporting territories competitiveness and the training on our campus. They benefit from a strategic location in a region which is in the core of the European logistics networks with major logistics infrastructures and logistics activities and a huge sector like e-commerce and retailing in France. They already built strong relationships with the regional, national and European networks. In the frame of European projects, they strengthen their expertise on massification (bundling flows of several companies) and logistics shared services linked with the Physical Internet approach. As a neutral body they managed to encourage companies to shift their flows towards sustainable and smooth modes like rail and barge. They test as well new technologies for supporting companies such as Artificial Intelligence through prove of concept with the support of high recognized research centers and university researchers. Moreover, they developed a deep knowledge on the new trends in terms of green logistics which respond to the vision of European commission for driving logistics to climate neutrality.

Stage of development

Proposal under development

Partner sought

The cluster would like to join an EU research and innovation project consortium. It is particularly interested in Horizon Europe but is also willing to consider other programmes. It is therefore looking for partners and coordinators that are currently involved in or thinking to form consortia for a research cooperation agreement. It could be various type of coordinators and partners like : - industries (shippers) - start-ups - university - research and development organizations - clusters They are mainly focusing on logistics, transport and supply-chain activities.

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