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German company offers Thermal Infrared Emitters for gas analysis, material detection & spectroscopy

Status: Idea
Creation date: 26-07-2022

Project objectives:

Short summary
The infrared radiation sources are based on a patented nanostructure technology. The products can be used in different industrial and safety fields, where the highest demands are made on stability, lifetime and accuracy. The technology is mechanically stable, highly efficient and can be miniaturized to a very high degree, which offers new areas of application in portable and battery-powered measuring devices. Cooperation is envisaged in terms of commercial or research cooperation agreement.

Full description
The German company’s infrared radiation sources are pulsable thermal emitters with a near black-body emittance.
Based on a patented nanotechnology and a patented emitter set-up made of a high-melting metal, the free-standing monolithic radiating element with the nanostructured emitter surface offer numerous advantages in many applications.
The nanostructured emission layer consists of metal nanorods made by an unique PVD process. It provides a broadband and highly efficient emission of infrared radiation. The coating can be applied on both emitter sides in order to increase the optical output power by using the backside emitted radiation with the aid of a gold-plated reflector. By adapting the nanostructured surface, the emission spectrum can be influenced and adapted to specific applications. In this way,
energy consumption can be reduced by not generating radiation in the unneeded wavelength ranges. The unique and patented manufacturing process allows the flexible production of different emitter area geometries and, therefore, an easy adaptation to customer-specific applications. The infrared radiators are available in an open version and in a hermetic housing.
The outstanding properties and the high miniaturization potential enable smaller, more powerful, and more efficient material analysis and gas measurement devices for a wide variety of applications. The low energy consumption, the high efficiency and the small size allow its use in portable, battery-powered, and mobile applications. Especially growing environmental, safety, and health awareness as well as increasing automation are creating a growing demand for reliable gas sensors, gas monitors and material analysis devices in industrial and consumer applications.
The German company is looking for longterm partnership with European industrial partners, who are interested in the application of infrared radiation sources or to collaborate in terms of joint project proposals.

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